Dr. Sawyer Veterinary Surgical Procedures

Orthopedic Surgeries
Cruciate Ligament Repair: Common in dogs, this procedure repairs a torn cranial cruciate ligament in the knee. Fracture Repair: Using plates, screws, or pins to stabilize broken bones. Hip Dysplasia Surgery: Procedures like total hip replacement or femoral head osteotomy to address hip dysplasia in dogs. Patellar Luxation Repair: Surgery to fix a dislocated kneecap.
Soft Tissue Surgeries
Tumor Removal: Takes out growths, whether harmless or cancerous. GDV Surgery: Treats dog bloat. Bladder Stone Removal: Gets rid of bladder stones. Hernia Repair: Fixes tissue or organ bulges. Cesarean Section: Helps deliver puppies or kittens surgically. Foreign Body Removal: Removes non-food items from the stomach or intestines.
Ophthalmic Surgeries
Cataracts: Restore vision. Cherry Eye: Prolapsed gland of the third eyelid. Corneal Ulcer: Clear front surface of the eye. Glaucoma: Relieve pressure inside the eye. Eyelid Tumor Removal: Extract growths on the eyelids. Lens Luxation: Address dislocated lenses. Retinal Reattachment: Fix detached retinas to prevent blindness. Enucleation: Removal of the eye.
Dental Procedures:
Tooth Extraction: Remove damaged or diseased teeth. Jaw Fracture Repair: Fix broken jawbones. Gingivectomy: Removes excess or diseased gum tissue. Root Canal: Treat infected tooth pulp to save the tooth. Oral Tumor Removal: Extract growths inside the mouth. Palate Repair: Fix holes or defects in the roof of the mouth. Orthodontics: Correct bite issues.
Exotic Animal Surgeries
Spaying & Neutering; Dental Surgery, Tooth Extractions, Beak Corrections for Birds and Reptiles; Soft Tissue Surgery; Orthopedic Surgery; Ophthalmic Surgery; Shell Repair for injured turtles & tortoises; Gastrointestinal Surgery; Amputations; Biopsies & Diagnostic tissue sampling for lab analysis; Endoscopy
Emergency Care
Any concern about your pet’s health warrants, at minimum, a call to your veterinarian.
Large Animal and Equine Surgeries
Colic Surgery: Addressing intestinal blockages or twists in horses. Castration: Neutering male horses. Joint Surgery: Treating joint injuries or conditions. Wound Repair: Managing and suturing large open wounds.
Sterilization Procedures
Spaying: Removal of the ovaries and usually the uterus in female animals. Neutering: Removal of the testicles in male animals.
Tampa Bay Veterinary Surgeon
Dr. Megan Sawyer
"I cover most of Pinellas County and parts of Hillsborough & Pasco on short notice. However, I can go just about anywhere in the state with proper accommodations and notice provided. I need a cleaned confined OR, a working and maintained anesthesia machine, an EKG/SPO2 (and best case scenario CO2) monitoring equipment, an IV catheter, premeds, and meds for the patient to go home with. "

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