image of exotic pet surgeon in Pinellas County, Tampa Bay

Advanced Care for Your Unique Companions

Dr. Sawyer understands that every pet is special — including those who are a bit out of the ordinary. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art surgical solutions for a wide variety of exotic pets. Whether your companion has feathers, scales, or an unusual number of legs, they deserve the highest standard of medical care.

Our Services:

  • Specialized Surgeries: From routine procedures to complex operations, our surgical services are tailored to meet the unique physiological needs of exotic pets.
  • Diagnostic Imaging: With advanced imaging technology, we can accurately diagnose health issues specific to exotic species.
  • Anesthesia and Monitoring: Our team employs specialized anesthesia protocols designed for the unique requirements of exotic pets, ensuring their safety and comfort.
  • Postoperative Care: In partnership with your regular veterinarian, we provide comprehensive care following surgery, including pain management and rehabilitation tailored to your pet’s specific needs.

Exotic Pets We Serve:

  • Reptiles (turtles, snakes, lizards)
  • Birds (parrots, raptors, songbirds)
  • Small mammals (rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs)
  • Amphibians (frogs, salamanders)
  • And many others — just ask us!

Our Commitment: Your exotic pet’s health and well-being are our top priorities. Dr. Megan Sawyer and our team of surgical professionals are equipped with specialized knowledge and a passion for providing compassionate care to the most unusual members of your family.

Why Choose Sawyer Surgical Solutions?

  • Mobility: We bring our full suite of surgical services to your veterinarian’s office, reducing stress for your pet by keeping them in a familiar environment.
  • Expertise: Dr. Sawyer has extensive experience and a gentle touch with exotic animals, ensuring they receive skilled care.
  • Technology: Utilizing the latest in veterinary medical technology, we offer treatments that are minimally invasive and highly effective.

Contact Us: To learn more about our exotic pet surgery services or to schedule a consultation, please contact Sawyer Surgical Solutions. Let us help your extraordinary pet live a longer, healthier life.