Ocular procedures in cats and dogs are essential for addressing a range of eye-related issues that can affect their vision and overall well-being. Common surgeries include cataract removal, where the cloudy lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial lens to restore clear vision. Another procedure, entropion surgery, corrects eyelids that roll inward and cause irritation, while ectropion surgery addresses eyelids that roll outward. Cherry eye, a condition where the gland of the third eyelid protrudes, requires surgical tucking of the gland. Furthermore, enucleation might be recommended in severe cases where the eye is damaged beyond repair or due to painful conditions like glaucoma. Corneal surgeries can also be performed to treat ulcers or injuries to the eye’s surface. Regular check-ups and timely intervention are crucial as many ocular issues, if left untreated, can escalate, leading to discomfort, pain, or even blindness in pets.

Senior dog with cataracts in his eyes.